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Vitaminnica Activated Charcoal- 60 Capsules

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Vitaminnica Activated Charcoal Capsules offer a natural and effective way to support digestive health, detoxification, and overall wellness. Made from high-quality coconut shells, our activated charcoal is processed to create a fine, porous powder that can adsorb toxins and impurities from the body. This supplement is ideal for those seeking to alleviate gas and bloating, support detoxification, and promote gastrointestinal health.


Digestive Health: Relieves occasional gas and bloating by binding to gas-producing elements in the digestive tract.
Detoxification: Adsorbs and removes toxins, chemicals, and impurities from the body, supporting overall detoxification.
Reduces Discomfort: Helps alleviate symptoms of indigestion and discomfort from certain foods and drinks.
Skin Health: Can support clearer skin by removing toxins that may contribute to skin issues.
Teeth Whitening: Can be used as a natural teeth whitener by binding to and removing surface stains.

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Vitaminnica Healthcare

Vitaminnica Activated Charcoal- 60 Capsules

£0.00 GBP
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